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Clubbrella for Car - The Inverted / Reversible Umbrella (Multiple Colour Options) With Torch

  • ₹1,195.00
  • Ex Tax:₹1,195.00
  • Brand: Clubb
  • Product Code:2354T
  • Availability:In Stock

Type : Reversible/Inverted Umbrella,Handle: Torch HandleMaterial: Dual Layered PongeeFree Shipping,Dispatch within 24 Hours. Have you ever encountered such a problem in rainy days?; when you jump on a crowded train a..

Type : Reversible/Inverted Umbrella,

Handle: Torch Handle

Material: Dual Layered Pongee

Free Shipping,

Dispatch within 24 Hours.

Have you ever encountered such a problem in rainy days?; when you jump on a crowded train after escaping a downpour your dripping wet umbrella; usually brushes up against your bag, your clothes or -even worse- a stranger. But by inverting; the design, the wet side of the umbrella faces inward when closed, exposing only the dry; side. And that's not all: the creative design makes it easier to opening out of a car; or other covered area, and when not in use the umbrella can stands up on its own!; double layer inverted umbrella; unique design double layer inside out umbrella, ulta Chaata make it easy for you on raining day; won't wet your car, documents or others. ; advanced double layer ribs made the inverted umbrella more sturdy. ; 23 in x 8 in panels is large enough for many people. ; easy to operate and safe to use; with a simple click of the embedded button, you can open and close the umbrella in confined; spaces when entering or exiting a building or car and it's less awkward and more safer to; open and close when in crowds, since the danger to poke in people's eyes has been removed by the design. ; convenient to place and drip free; it can stand up on its own, ideal for when you have nowhere to prop your umbrella up against. ; it will also keep the wet part of the umbrella inside once you've closed it, so things don't get; dripped on when you put it awaying indoors with this ultaa chaata. ; durably windproof; the straight umbrella easily slices through all winds. Due to its aerodynamic design, the umbrella; always finds the fortable position in the wind which makes it exceptionally pleasant to use, even in strong gales. ; if the canopy flips, it can be rectified at the push of a button.



Product Features :

Double layer inverted umbrella Clubbrella; Inside-out design. Reverse opening.

Torch  handle for commuting in the Dark trekking  or Rural Roads.

This inverted umbrella opens and closes in a reverse pared to conventional ones making it a convenient car umbrella.

Also, this inside out umbrella is lightweight and easy to carry. It's double as a standing umbrella.

Easy to use; You can open and close in confined spaces when entering or exiting a building or car.

It is convenient and safer to open and close in crowded place.

This upside down umbrella can self stand to dry and you don't have to have it all the way open.

Anti-dripping umbrella, Regular umbrellas drain through the tip making a mess.

This Ulta Chaata Clubbrella is double layered which makes it easy for you on rainy day, won't wet your car, documents or others. Advanced double layer ribs make it best windproof umbrellas & slices through all winds. Because of its double fabric, the skeleton of the reversible umbrella doesn't get caught in your hair. Due to its aerodynamic design, this windproof umbrella always finds position in the wind which makes it exceptionally pleasant to use.


Product Dimensions : 81 Centimeters (L) x 5 Centimeters (H) x 5 Centimeters (W).

Open Canopy: 108 Centimeters. Handle Width: 10 Centimeters. Handle Length: 13 Centimeters



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